Attention all Fútbol Hipsters - you need to check this site: Palabra de Futbolista. It has many fantastic Spanish language football posters - including the George Best one above. It says:

“In 1969 I gave up women and drink - it was the worst 20 minutes of my life”
"I preferred his blue period"

"I preferred his blue period"

Coming to a cinema near you: Lofty Pylon’s Life Of Hipster.

Via @BeardedGenius - A question that #footballhipsters know the answer to already.

"I hated Suarez before it was cool. His early work was far more repugnant."

rascal87 says…

"I’m having to search for a new team now that Dortmund has become too popular."

This would look good in your loft in the East Village: 100% recycled cardboard table football.

Only costs 42€ and you can purchase it via

FWEI (Fútbol Hipster Will Eat Itself)

Hey Hipster Shake Your Dumpster